Restoran Mee Udang Mak Jah Kuala Sepetang kini di Wangsa Maju

Restoran Mee Udang Mak Jah Kuala Sepetang kini di Wangsa Maju
Restoran Mee Udang Mak Jah di Wangsa Maju. Exact location, deretan kedai belakang Wangsa Walk Mall. Bebetul mengadap Butik Hajaba, kedainya hujung skali...corner lot. Kalau dari arah Carrefour, jumpa restoran Cheng Ho... terus saja sampai ke hujung.. kedainya di sebelah kiri. :D


Mee Udang special RM12. Udang besar² ada 6 ekor.

 Kuetiaw goreng  biasa...RM8, udang kecik sket ada 7 ekor. Ni pon jenuh makan udang. Sendawa pon still feel udang.. hehehe
Nasi goreng udang... RM 12. Nasik dah habis tapi udangnya banyak lagi.

Dan yang ini Udang goreng tepung. RM13 kalau tak silap. Sedap!

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Diari Anggota Polis Klasik 1890 - 1930.


Police officers help an elderly lady cross the street. London. 1910
Traffic Police

Demonstration of confiscated weapons, New York's Police College. 1925
Crime Museum

The German police use of radio equipment. 1925
Wireless Police

Detention suffrazhista in St. James' Park, after a rally in Buckingham Palace. London, 1912
Suffragist Arrested

At the railway station. London, 1907
Station Constable

Mounted Police in Smithfield meat market during the strike of transport workers. 1912
Police Escort

The policeman on the street, San Francisco. 1900
A police officer on the street, San Francisco, early 20th century.

Stock whistle. London, January 1909
Police Whistle

Cop helps to cross the road in the Goodwood race spectators. London, 27th July 1926
Crossing For Race

A new bullet-proof equipment for police, Germany, 1930
Bulletproof Vest

Police vehicles in Fresnes, France. 1895
Black Mariahs

Detention suffrazhistok after an attack by them on the David Lloyd-George in Criccieth, Wales, 1913
Suffragette Attack

Making police helmets on Tooley Street, London. 7th April 1930
Helmet Workshop

Getting the new helmets. London, 29th May 1930
Out With The Old

The boy hung on the petard of police. Now came shooting out. London, 5th November 1925
Exploding Policeman

Anthropometric measurements, the method of Bertillon, France, Paris. 1895

Baroness Roshicrantz and Miss Butt skip dogs in Hyde Park, London. April 1912
Walking In Hyde Park

German tourists in Trafalgar Square. London, 12th April 1931
German Tourists

Police hold back the spectators at the parade London Peace Pageant. July 1919
Crowd Control

Karabinery in Alassio, Italy 1894
The Carabineri

Members of the Royal Irish Constabulary before the elections in Derry city. Ireland, 1st February 1913
Derry By-Election

Mexican police. Mexico city, 1913

Russian policeman, 1900s

Staged Scene with Chinese police. China, 1900
Authority Intervenes

Police Niagara Falls, USA 1908

Police armed with guns on the orders of Winston Churchill, during the siege of Sidney Street. January 1911
Houndsditch Outrage

Radio-equipped police car. France, 1930
Wireless Van

Police found a monkey on one of the vessels during the General Transport Strike. 31st May 1912
Come Along Quietly

In the park, Presque Isle, USA 1929

The inverse image of a traffic light in Portland. USA, 1915

Saratoga Springs. United States, 1890

Clashes with police students. Paris, France, 1910 (1)
Student Protests

Clashes with police students. Paris, France, 1910 (2)
Student Protest

Strike. Paris, France, 1910
Pastiers Strike

Sylvester Moore of the Chatsworth Police. USA, 1900s

Tampa, USA, 1900

The patrol crew, Tampa. USA, 1890-1900

Tampa. USA, 1910-1920's

Two suffrazhistki talk to the police. London, 1912
Not Here Madam

Port of London. 1920s

Police truck to transport the victims. London, 1905
Early Ambulance

The policeman, St. Petersburg, 1908

Lieutenants town Niagara Falls. NY, USA 1920

Maltese police. Malta, 1890

Confiscated in the prison, the police department of Fort Wayne United States, 1920

Students and police (Cottage Row Police Force standing in front of City Hall). United States, 1911

City of Chillicothe, Missouri Police. United States, 1936

Carmarthenshire and Cardiff before the police strike of coal miners. England, 1925

George Collison Biddle, the police chief town of Elkton. USA, 1905

The policeman accompanied villagers to Lord Mayor's Show, London. November 1917
Hay Wain

Motorized Division Tampa. USA, 1920

Conca under the railway bridge at Ludgate Hill, London. 1902
Ludgate Hill

Saratoga. Parade. USA, 1917

Police Niagara Falls. NY, USA 1900s

Demonstration of a new bullet-proof car, ordered by Scotland Yard, London, 15th January 1937
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